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McCollom Management has extensive experience in performance audits and management reviews.  The firm has conducted over 50 studies of transit systems ranging in size from two-bus, rural systems to the 3,500-bus operation of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  These studies included state reviews of the transit systems in Ohio, South Carolina, and Wisconsin and the annual audits of the transit system serving Honolulu. 

McCollom Management recently completed management reviews in the United States in Ann Arbor, Dallas, El Paso, and Harrisburg. He also reviewed the operations of the Seychelles Public Transport Company as part of a World Bank support mission to the Seychelles central government.

McCollom Management reviewed the operations of the Metropolitan Bus Authority in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Brian McCollom prepared draft sunset legislation for the MBA that was requested by the Puerto Rico Senate Committee on Urban Affairs.  He reviewed MBA's progress in meeting the legislation and helped prepare the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works report to the Legislature on the review and a proposed improvement program.

McCollom Management worked on the initial legislatively-mandated audit of the transportation systems in the Minneapolis/St. Paul urbanized area.  Brian McCollom was responsible for developing and assessing performance measures for the transit systems in the seven-county area and designing and conducting the two-year performance audit of these systems. 

McCollom Management conducted a review of fare collection practices for the Federal Transit Administration.  This review involved the conduct of detailed case studies of 15 transit agencies throughout the country. Brian McCollom also helped design a computer-based audit guide of fare management practices and procedures entitled Fare RevIEW.  He supported the design of separate audit guides for rural and urban systems.

Brian McCollom conducted a management review of the Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company for the Saudi government.  As part of a US government team, he reviewed the intra-city services in the kingdom and developed a three-year improvement plan.

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